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We know how busy life can be and would love to help. Getting your shopping done is essential, however it is very timely.

At times it is not possible to even get to the store, we understand...

We can do it for you.... choose any store, we will deliver your grocery right to your door!!
Or even pickup your dry cleaning, if located in the same neighborhood (dry cleaners prepayment is required & an additional fee of $20 applies).

No more driving to the store battling with busy traffic, waiting in long lines at the registers, trying to find reliable babysitters or dealing with your beautiful yet very curious children just to do your day to day shopping.

Let us take that load off of you.

Some Details:

Your order is placed with Get My Shopping Done, LLC, NOT the retail store. We are your agent, purchasing this product on your behalf.

We are not an agent of any store.

Should you have any questions about your order, preferably TEXT or e-mail 

Please do not call the store... The store will not have a record of this order until after Get My Shopping Done, LLC representative has purchased and left the store.

You will get the original receipt, any discounts the store offers will be transferred to you, we will use our own discount cards needed to give you the best possible price.

The store will NOT have a record of your name or address

Cart Empty.gif How to place an order:

Click here for details

Bagsa.jpg When are the orders delivered:

Same day orders are not accepted, orders can be placed up to one week in advance.  Delivery days are Tuesday and Thursday between 12pm - 6pm

  • Orders for Tuesday must be requested and Non-refundable Service Fees paid no later than Monday by 4pm.
  • Orders for Thursday must be requested and Non-refundable Service Fees paid no later than Wednesday by 4pm.

Payment methods:

Cash. Grocery order payment due upon delivery (no exceptions). Requesting to change the order request after the shopping has been completed is not acceptable.

And in addition:

Non-refundable Service fees are required at the time of placing the order, these fees will be calculated and an invoice will be emailed for payment via Paypal. (Paypal membership is not required)

How much: (Applicable to each store visited)

  • Up to the first $100, the delivery charge will be $21

  • $15 will be added for each additional $100 (i.e. between $101 to $200 is an additional $15 and so forth)

  • Delivery exceeding 5 mile radius from N Cedar Crest Blvd & W Tilghman St in Allentown, PA will be an additional charge of $0.60 per mile (Please consider round trip per mile charge)

  • To determine if you are within the 5 mile radius, visit mapquest or Google Maps


The original receipt from the store will be given to you, any returns can be done at the store without any hassle since you have the original receipt.

Request of returns or refunds for services rendered and/or order delivered from Get My Shopping Done, LLC are not accepted.

 Cart Small.gif Operating Hours/Days: Delivery

Tuesday and Thursday

Between 12pm - 6pm

 Serviced Locations:

Currently we provide services in Allentown, PA mainly in zip codes 18103, 18104, 18105

Phonea.jpg Contact Us:

Tell us what you think!

We want to make sure we are serving the needs of our customers. Please get in touch with any feedback or questions.

Preferably TEXT or send an e-mail 

Or you can reach us at:

P O Box 305
Orefield, PA 18069